Basic Trigonomentry

What is trigonometry? How should I remember the three equations? How do I even use trigonometry? In this video I answer all three of those questions.

Completing The Square

In this video I cover what completing the square is and how it is used.

Why Does 4k Look Better Than 1080p On A 1080p Monitor?

In this video I cover one form of video compression and why it affects the quality of video when watched on the target resolution.

Crude Oil And How We Process It

In this video, I go over how oil is made and harvested. I also cover how alkanes are separated out (fractional distillation) and how we can break up large alkanes into smaller alkanes (cracking).

Deviving The SUVAT Equations

I run through (in brief) what a velocity-time graph is and then use that velocity-time graph to derive the basic SUVAT equations for acceleration and displacement.

Playing With The Air Track

To do an experiment that we needed to do, we were required to use an air track. The experiment in question was testing how the weight of an object and the force applied on it affected its acceleration.

Pi Zero Wooden Case

This video was shot from my Pi3B using the camera module V2 and a nifty piece of software called "picam". My camera and mic were taped onto a pencil at the top of my screen.
In the video I took apart my Pi Zero's case and then reassembled it. That was literally it.